You can observe in this metal cage several types of bottles. All of them with a dark colour to avoid the light enters and harms wine. Although the shape it is not very important, the size is so it affects the ageing of wine in bottle – the greater the size is, the longer time keeping in a cellar, the best structure for the wine, the lower danger to lose the wine in time.

The most common sizes are a half bottle (0,375l), standard bottle (0,75l) and Magnum (1,5l). There are also other sizes such as Jeroboam 3 l., Matusalen 6 l., Salmanazar 9 l., Baltasar 12 l., Nabucodonosor 15 l. and Melchor 18 l.

Distilled spirit is obtained by boiling the grape skins. The production of distilled spirits is based upon fermentation, the natural process of decomposition of organic materials containing carbohydrates. It occurs in nature whenever the two necessary ingredients, carbohydrate and yeast, are available. Yeast is a vegetative microorganism that lives and multiplies in media containing carbohydrates—particularly simple sugars.