Emina Rueda has several vineyards planted mainly with Verdejo variety grapes, mostly situated in Villalba de Adaja, close to Medina del Campo. The winery also uses a number of plots to cultivate various other varieties that are not quite as characteristic of the area, such as Sauvignon and Viura. A typical Burgundy-style plantation framework with fewer bunches per plant, a buried irrigation system that allows us to save water, the loamy sand soil and the temperate climatic conditions make these vineyards close to the Adaja River the ideal place for maturing these white grapes to perfection. Las Piedras, Matalamoza, La Bodeguilla, Las Marcas, La Buitrera and El Escaparate are just a few of the sites where we produce truly impressive wines.


Vineyard divided into 3 plots: 28.1 ha of Verdejo, 6.05 ha of Sauvignon Blanc and 2.7 ha of Viura. The sandy loam soil is planted using espaliers set in a 3 x 1.3 plantation framework.

Vineyard divided into 4 small plots according to the grape variety: 85.14 ha of Verdejo, 7.73 ha of Viura, 2.32 ha of Gewürztraminer and 4.53 ha of Chardonnay. The vineyard has sandy loam soil and faces west-east at an altitude of 755 metres.

Single-variety vineyard planted with Moscatel vines. Located in Medina del Campo, Valladolid and planted using espaliers facing north-south.