Sustainable construction

The Emina wineries prioritise the sustainability of their buildings. This has been put into practice through installing solar panel energy generation systems (both thermal and photovoltaic), furnaces for utilising biomass, Waste Water Treatment Stations (to help to recycle water) and charging stations. The wineries also make full use of natural light, as well as all the parts of the grape. Emina Ribera is a prime example of eco-sustainable construction, generating energy for its own consumption. Thanks to its use of clean energies, it became the first Comprehensive Sustainable Development Centre. Emina was the first Spanish winery company to calculate the carbon footprint of several of its wines, meaning it pioneered generating awareness of the actual environmental and atmospheric impact of its wine production. This led the winery to reducing the weight of its bottles, decreasing the CO2 emissions involved in their manufacture. The company’s firm commitment to sustainability has previously won it the European Business Award for the Environment.

The Emina wineries closely follow the Decalogue for Comprehensive Sustainability for the Agri-Food Industry, as promoted by the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and the Environment.


One of Emina’s key differences is its clear prioritisation of R&D&I. The pioneering nature of the winery’s work in this field meant that its president, Carlos Moro, was presented with the Spanish National Award for Innovation by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain in 2017. Since 2005, Emina has had a prestigious research team, which has allowed the winery to launch a number of patents, turning the brand into a R&D&I leader within the winery sector. The Emina projects encompass various areas such as traceability, polyphenol extraction for a range of uses (edible products, cosmetics, nutricosmetics, etc.), process improvement, molecular deconstruction, biotechnology and biomedicine, IT and communications, agronomic research, wine improvement, alcohol-free wines, extra virgin olive oils, development of food supplements and luxury functional cosmetics, and so on.

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Unique vineyards

The creation of exceptional wines begins with the selection of the finest vineyards. The Emina wineries own excellent plots in the most renowned wine growing areas in Ribera del Duero and Rueda. The continual research we carry out in various projects, our constant care for our high-quality raw materials and our prioritisation of innovation mean Emina is always improving, carefully cultivating both its vineyards and its creative and profit-making processes. This detailed evolution enables Emina to improve the superior quality and excellent features of its wines every day.