The Emina Winery offers a wide range of experiences to anyone who wants to get closer to the world of wine. These are both personalised and comprehensive and are available throughout the year. Enjoy, discover and appreciate all the intricacies of a glass of wine, starting at the very beginning: the vineyard. Emina Rueda, situated in Medina del Campo (Rueda D.O.) and Emina Ribera, located in Valbuena de Duero (Ribera del Duero D.O.) offer visitors the chance to tour the Varieties Gardens next to each winery.

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Both wineries offer the opportunity to enjoy tasting our modern, high-quality wines. These are the guardians of the Matarromera family’s extensive winegrowing tradition, whilst also incorporating various technological advances that make them sustainable and environmentally friendly. Choose between tasting one or various wines in the Winebar, or alternatively delve further into the history of the wine. You will have the opportunity to learn about the production processes, the differences between the various types of barrels, why experts talk about “good” and “bad” years of wine, to discover how to wine taste like a professional, or simply to sample our wines alongside locally-sourced artisanal products.


Both wineries are perfectly suited to accommodate individual or group visits. They offer complete disabled access, both in terms of practical facilities and the content and process of the visit. We pride ourselves on offering wine tourism for everyone, based on bringing wine culture closer to anyone who wants to enjoy the experience. From your little ones who will learn about the captivating history of the wines, to those who aren’t so little anymore, everyone will enjoy themselves. Discovering wine and all its secrets has no age limit.

Emina Ribera is comprised of a wine tourism complex containing the Winery itself, the Emina Wine Museum, a tasting room with a capacity of 60 people, the La Espadaña de San Bernardo Restaurant and the Emina Country Hotel, located at the heart of Valbuena de Duero. Any time of year is perfect for experiencing its unique and original atmosphere, as the hypnotic effect of wine tourism can be enjoyed in every season.

Other activities

Emina Rueda offers you the opportunity to combine your visit with seeing the Oliduero organic oil press. As well as the vineyards, this complex contains an olive tree Varieties Garden, where olive oil takes centre stage. Visiting Emina Rueda means experiencing the tour’s entrancing freshness and golden glow, when the multiple award-winning white wines and exceptional olive oils are uncorked.

The best way of learning about and enjoying wine is by delving into its growing region, feeling the proximity of the land, appreciating the wine’s origins, experiencing its aromas and savouring its flavours. Top professionals and enologists will teach you why the Emina wines are of such high quality, explaining the characteristics of the soils and vines where the grapes are cultivated, which techniques are employed to achieve certain specific features and the role of the materials used in the production processes (such as the oak wood of the barrels, the types of corks, the formats of the wine bottles, etc.) They will even reveal which dishes are best paired with these wines and how to expertly store and open each bottle of wine. You will discover the oddities and tricks of wine, all whilst experiencing and enjoying it in a unique and innovative way.

You can request further information or book your experience using our online platform enoturismo.matarromera.es, or by contacting our wine tourism team directly. We look forward to seeing you soon!