The Emina Rueda winery was born in Medina del Campo in 2007. This was the year that Carlos Moro decided to turn his dream of creating elegant white and sparkling wines in the Rueda Denomination of Origin into a reality.

A Varieties Garden brim-full of white grapes and olive trees surrounds this building, which is situated next to the Oliduero Oil Press. This enables us to complement our wine tastings with intense and aromatic extra virgin olive oils, as well as the wide range of Oliduero products.

The building’s modern design incorporates a facade filled with swathes of glass and an interior roof complete with skylights, creating a unique space to enjoy the landscape and take full advantage of the plentiful natural light. The stainless steel tank room, the white wine fermentation barrels, the racks for aging sparkling wines and the bottling lines… everything is replete with the latest technology.