Emina is firmly rooted in the fields and the vineyard, but also in the enthusiasm and passion of a talented entrepreneur. Carlos Moro wanted to create a new type of wine in two of the most important wine growing areas of his birthplace, the Spanish region of Castile and León. Now president of Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, Carlos began to sketch out his plan for the heart and soul of Emina at the end of the 1990s. In 2005, he built the modern Emina Ribera winery next to the historic Monastery of Santa María de Valbuena, on the banks of the Douro River. In 2007, he constructed the Emina Rueda Winery close to Medina del Campo; both wineries are less than an hour away from Valladolid and less than two from Madrid. Carlos always knew that he wanted to research the tradition-rich field of wine production, that his forefathers had already dedicated themselves to for so many years. The creator of the Emina Wineries knew that innovative products and techniques could be developed, and, slowly but surely, he has managed to position this winegrowing region, framed by the prestigious Ribera del Duero and Rueda Denominations of Origin, at the forefront of technological innovation in the sector. The Emina brand was created precisely for this purpose.

Emina is Latin for ‘loved’ and a hemina used to be the amount of alcohol monks were allowed to consume a day. The name Emina embodies a true passion for the world of wine. The brand respects both our culture and our past, but simultaneously prides itself on its innovative viewpoint in terms of research and technological implementation. This is reflected in the various advances achieved by researchers in multiple vineyard and winery projects. Visitors can discover this innovative spirit for themselves during the enological experiences we offer at the two wineries; a unique opportunity to taste the Emina wines at their origin.