Now, you are in front of an old tool used to age the sparkling wines. Sparkling wine might just be the most technical of all wines in the world–even if it is so easy to drink! The reason most sparkling wine is so complex is because of the need for two fermentations; one to make wine and the other to make bubbles.

The sparkling making process began in the mid 1500’s in Champagne region, France. Pierre Perignon was the person who established the process. A spring night, Perignon was having dinner and suddenly he heard strange noises in his cellar. Some minutes later, his friends got worried because he hadn’t gone back yet, so they decided to seek him. They found him drinking a sparkling wine and shouting that he was drinking “stars”.

In spite of being a funny tale, Perignon actually wanted to get this strange phenomenon of stars done – the harvest in this region was carried out in the autumn, so the alcoholic fermentation was not entirely made and when the spring arrived, that kind of wine suffered another fermentation in the bottle, while CO2 was setting up within the bottles, bubbles (stars) appeared and they blew out. Perignon didn’t want to lose these “stars” so he considered them as a treasured liquid.

The sparkling making process has been improved since then becoming in a glamour and luxury symbol.

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