In addition, the wine makes an ageing in bottle too, at least the same time in barrel and in bottle.

After ageing a wine in barrel, the winemaker makes the proper blending of the wine in stain steel tanks. Before bottling, wine may require blending and filtration. Then, it is bottled to age within the bottle. This period of time is essential to ensure the wine is perfectly balanced and rounded when it reaches the market.

After bottling, closure is made. 100% Natural cork closures are used for wines that will be aged in the bottle, in this case, all of the wines made in this winery.

In this video, you can see how natural cork is obtained from the cork tree. Besides, you can look and touch the different cork closures present in the market.

If you look at your right, you can see the bottling line. At first wine is bottled and after ageing in bottle, three labels are set: a front label with the information of the winery and the vintage, a back label with additional information about the wine and a certification label from the Appellation that ensures the wine quality and making process.